A way to be with babies
to help them bloom!

Percentage of proceeds donated to
infant & children health non-profit organizations.

The most important thing in your baby and toddler's life is, of course...you!

Yes, your little wonders need you for food, shelter, clothing and all those basic physical necessities. But just as much, they need you for all their emotional and psychological needs. Indeed, it’s your relationship with them that is the harbor that protects them from the storms of life, and the wind in their sails that gives them the confidence to dare the unbound sea...

Way To Baby™ gives you a fundamental way of being with your little one that has been shown through decades of research to benefit his or her well-being in innumerable ways.

These include:

  • Enhancing a primary sense of security and trust
  • Enhancing a sense of competence and mastery
  • Enhancing language and cognitive development
  • Enhancing the development of self-control and judgment
  • Enhancing the development of empathy
  • Enhancing the development of confidence, resiliency, and optimism
  • Most importantly, enhancing the development of self-awareness, self-understanding, self-valuing, and a positive self-perception and belief in oneself.

Ok, so it’s starting to sound like Way To Baby™ is an end-all, be-all that does everything but cure the common cold (actually, there are numerous studies relating emotional well-being and physical health!). You also might think you have to do something dramatically different from what you’re already doing – you don’t.

The Way To Baby™ approach provides a framework you can use with the methods you’ve learned from books and websites, and all the wonderful things you already are doing in following your parenting instincts and intuitions. Way To Baby™ is a straightforward, easily learned way of increasing your “emotional attunement,” which can profoundly effect how your precious one sees and relates to him or herself, others, and the world. The Way To Baby™ app not only will describe these techniques in detail, but also demonstrate each step directly through video clips.


Yanon Volcani, PHD

Dr. Volcani is a Clinical Psychologist who for over thirty years has been helping parents optimally raise their children. Specializing in enhancing parent-child bonding from infancy to adolescence, he has taught through lectures, classes, and in his clinical work a marvelous child-centered way of being with children that helps them flourish. Beyond his formal training and years of experience, Dr. Volcani best honed the Way To Baby™ approach through raising his son – and, yes, that’s him in the opening screen of the app. You can learn more about Dr. Volcani on www.volcani.com.



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